Each project that we undertake is different and so must be out methodology. At Bintec, we have developed a dynamic approach that adapts to the needs of the client, while standing on the solid foundations of Agile Project Management Methodology.

Our goal is to maintain constant communication with our customers while incrementally developing the products. Our customers have "free pass" to our kitchen and often participate in the design sessions and partial product demos. This allows us to change direction and adopt the solution to the changing needs quickly and easily and ultimately leads to better results.


Goal: Get enough understanding to provide a solid project base and budget framework but leave space for future adjustments.


Goal: Repeat development iterations, constantly re-evaluate and prioritize. Stay open for adjustments.


Goal: Meet the need and realize the project business value.

Consultation, requirement gathering

One or several meetings are typically required for Bintec team to get a good understanding of not only direct requirements but also the business needs driving those requirements. A lot of these discussions are very informal “brainstorming” sessions but at the end, we capture all important outcomes in writing for future reference.

Solution, cost estimate

Once we understood your needs, we can work together to devise a technical solution that satisfies your needs as well as time and budgetary constraints. This process drives the development cost estimate, the budget for production costs for hardware products and the proposed time lines. Final result of this stage is a complete solution estimate that Bintec presents to you for approval.

Development Backlog Preparation

The individual functional elements are individually documented and organized in a list called “backlog”. In theory, each individual backlog item should be independent on others in terms of technical dependencies and business impact. That allows individual items to be re-prioritized and de-scoped if necessary without impacting the overall result.


We work closely with you on continuous prioritization of the backlog items. During the development process, our team might ask you questions about the relative importance of one item against another. The purpose of this process is to ensure that we build the technical solution in the order of your priorities.


We keep constant communication with our customers during the development process. Our engineers are always keeping the overall goals of the project in mind and often come up with valuable suggestions during the development.

Internal Testing

At Bintec we utilize several technical approaches to achieve very high quality standards. Testing our products in extreme conditions (both functionally and environmentally), automating testing process for easy re-execution, black-box testing are a few examples of our very rigorous testing process.

Customer Review

As a customer, you have the opportunity to view the work-in-progress and provide the feedback. This helps us keep the project on track and avoid surprises later down the road.

Project Demo

Our team delivers software, prototypes, documentation and any other artifacts for the final review.

User Acceptance

Guided by the project demo, you conduct your final user acceptance testing cycle to ensure that the project requirements have been met.


Once the acceptance testing is completed, the project is signed-off.