Mobile apps are taking the world by a storm! With practically every person carrying a powerful computer in their pockets, businesses are able to provide a level of services unimaginable a few years ago. However, the customers are also getting more demanding. User expectations and demands from their mobile experience are raising just as fast. At Bintec, we understand what it takes to build a mobile app that will meet these high demands.

UI-centric approach

Mobile app development is quite unique from the approach standpoint. Almost all other areas of software development drive the process from the functional requirements, leaving UI to the end. In the world of "unlimited" UI resources such as desktop or web space, this approach is fine. Mobile apps however, need to be built with the user experience in mind from the get go.

At Bintec, we use sophisticated modeling tools to create and test the right user experience before we write a single line of code. As a result, our apps are easy to use, professional and consistent.

Technical considerations

In the current landscape of mobile devices, most users need to make an informed decision about the technical platform to be used to develop their app. iOS and Android mobile operating systems are distinctly different in their internal architecture. There are frameworks that promise "code once, deploy everywhere" , there is a possibility of an HTML5 friendly mobile web site and then there is a route of native platform specific development. Which way is right for you? It depends on many factors.

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Our typical projects include the elements of electronic engineering, embedded software, web applications and mechanical design with 3D modelling. Usually we deliver projects end-to-end but we can also work with your in-house teams to help you in specific areas only.

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